Get Paid for your music

The game is constantly changing so stay on your craft.

This is just a crash course. 

Step 1. 

Copyright Your Material at:

(some fees may apply)


Step 2.

Register Yourself as A Songwriter or Publishing Company with either or

(some fees may apply)


Step 3.

Register Your Copyrighted Material with either BMI or ASCAP. Choose the company you

registered with in Step 2. 


Step 4.

Submit Your Tracks to Online music stores via: (Do your homework) /

Step 5.

Register as an Artist or Record Label at


Step 6.

Digitally Encode Your Songs/Album at:


Step 7.

Once Copyright is received in the mail, Update all sites with Final Copyrighted information.

We have Provided you with all the Necessary information to begin

taking your career to the next level. However,  

If you prefer to stick to the Creative side of things, We will take care

of all the Copyright Steps for you so you can begin to sell your music

and receive Royalties (fees + taxes included e.g. 

Copyright fees, etc).  

For more information email: [email protected] or

Call (305) 834-1129.